Precinct Funding Proposal

Our Woman and Their Woman. Clearly theirs does not know how to salute.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Precinct proposes to begin the process of revitalization, and reform, of the Political Process in our Precincts with a single basic concept. Concentrate entirely on building Precinct Power, something that has been neglected by our Party for a long time.

Obama is in the White House because he used the "Chicago Precinct System" to sweep the Country. This is a little known aspect that was key to his victory. The Chicago System is just a tool that any party can use. It is ideologically neutral. 

The reform and repair of our Precinct System will require, as it proceeds, an expanded base of resources and funding. It can, and probably should, start with small pilot test marketing project designed to produce the experimental templates that can, when tested and perfected, be applied at County, State and National levels.

It is absolutely necessary to secure funding from those persons and organizations most interested in achieving these kinds of results. Hopeful funding sources would include the RNC, and various campaign committees of the Senate and the House, State level organizations interested in their own states, County level organizations, and private organizations across a wide spectrum from religious organizations to business interests, individual activists, political donors of every stripe, and others. All such groups and individuals are more than welcome to assist in creating the structure, goals, procedures and purposes of Precinct projects and to benefit from this revitalization of the bone and muscle of our Party.

Precinct presently is a non-profit religious organization designed to encourage religious minded individuals and organizations to participate more fully in the civil government political process, by registering eligible persons to vote, and urging them to inform themselves concerning the the various candidates and issues put before them seeking their votes.

Precinct as presently structured will endorse no specific candidates, or lobby for or against any specific legislation. It is a grass roots organizing, issues oriented, religious, educational and charitable organization that seeks
simply to revitalize and elevate the Precinct structure in American politics that has been substantially neglected heretofore.

The Precinct is the closest level of government to the people, and needs to be strengthened substantially in order to increase the quantity and quality of participation in the democratic process. Good government grows out of the barrel of the Precinct.
By its very nature the Precinct depends upon volunteers whose ancillary functions are serving as poll watchers and conduits between the people of the neighborhoods and the political and governmental process.

To begin this task, fund raising is essential. Thus we call on all those who can, to support this vital work with their time and resources. Inquires can be made by writing to Precinct@Comcast.Net