Open  Letter To Conservative Republican Believers

Purpose of this Site

This is a proto-type proposal. Therefore it is work in progress, subject to change. There are a number of templates that can be developed to accomplish our essential purpose here. One version would have us function as a non-partisan organization intending to strengthen the Precinct system across party lines, as a civic betterment project. We could accomplish most of our goals within that framework. Another template would be to have a partisan organization that focused entirely on strenghening the Republican Precinct System. Either way would work. Therefore there is somewhat a mixture of these appraches presently. Don't be put off by that, but focus instead on the fundamental purpose of this site which is to strenghen the Precinct System in the nation, and on behalf of the Republican Party in particular. An example would be ACORN, Obama's shock troops in the campaign. Despite their Democrat bias they have maintained their non-partisan standing all the while nonetheless.