Precinct Mission Statement
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Our Mission is to rebuild and revitalize the Precinct System along the lines that Ronald Reagan envisioned. Note: He was a Conservative Believer Republican. All Three!

RR was NOT just a "fiscal conservative" in the sense of  being opposed to  Social Conservatism, nor was he a Libertarian, nor did he ascribe to any divisive Third Parties. He was a Proud Republican. Therefore, we, being followers of the mainline Conservatism of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and a long line of Conservative thinkers and leaders, throughout world history, understandably want to organize like minded folks only.

Others, of course, inside and outside the Republican Party, are welcome to do as they want, but we are determined to concentrate on organizing OUR people to influence and lead our Republican Party. We are  tired of being excluded from the halls of power within OUR Republican Party. This sort of discriminatory division goes way back to  Taft versus TR, and the Rockefeller wing of the party taking a high handed approach to the "little people" in the Party. We want none of that, and suggest that  those who are uncomfortable being Conservative Believing Republicans (all three) join the Democrat Party where they will feel more comfortable. We will do better without them.

Naturally, anyone is welcome to vote Republican no matter what they think and believe, but they are not welcome to control the Republican Party. Everyone who affiliates and joins with us "backbone stalwarts," must be Republican Conservative Believers (All three, not just one or two out of three.)

Let it be clearly stated, We oppose, absolutely, without qualification, all forms of  Religious, Racial, Gender, or Ethnic Bigotry in our ranks, and will not tolerate them in any way, shape or form, either covert or overt.  BUT, on the other hand, there must be a non-negotiable  requirement that every one of us be a Republican Conservative Believer. No Third Party types, no Moderate or Liberal types, no Fiscal Conservatives, as separate from Social Conservatives, and no non-Believer types will be welcome or tolerated among our cadre.

But, we do welcome the Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment,  Pro-American Sovereignty, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Voucher, Pro-Large Family,  and even Pro-Environmentalist, (because we, according to the Holy Books, are the responsible custodians and stewards of all that is in, and on, the earth.) We also welcome those who are Anti-Abortion, and Anti-Contraception, (because we favor large families to better preserve and protect this nation.) The low birth rate among Republican Conservative Believers is not helpful to the nation's security, well-being and safety, and is not pleasing to God. 

We are also Pro-Constitution because we only have one Constitution and it is the best guide and protection against tyranny ever devised by mankind.

The precinct is smallest governmental unit, except for the family, which is the basic building block of any society. We have fifty states, 3,141 Counties, 170.000 Precincts  and 100 million eligible voters. That works out to an average of something like 750 eligible voters per Precinct, nationwide.

The Precinct is the lowest-level MDC Minor Civil Division in the United States. Precincts usually do not have separate governmental authority, (though they have had it in the past, and can, and should, have it in the future). For purposes of conducting elections, civil divisions such as counties or townships are typically subdivided into precincts. Each voter's address is assigned to a specific precinct, and each precinct has a specific location where its residents go to vote. Sometimes several precincts will use the same polling station.

A 2004 survey by the United States Election Assistance Commission reported an average precinct size in the United States of approximately 1,100 registered voters. Kansas had the smallest average precinct size with 437 voters per precinct, while the District of Columbia had the largest average size at 2,704 voters per precinct. 

Political parties often designate individuals, known by various titles such as "Precinct Captain", "Precinct Committee Officer", "Precinct Chairman" or "Precinct Chair" to help them keep track of how the voters in a precinct feel about candidates and issues, and to encourage people to vote for their Party. These are the minimum things they do, but there is no limit as to the maximum.

Religiously, a precinct can also refer to the ground (sometimes consecrated) immediately surrounding a religious house or place of worship (e.g. Ancient Rome).

The best internet access to information on Precincts is to Google “Republican Committee,” and variations on that.

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